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CompassSport Cup&Trophy Heat (+entries open to all), 11/03/2018

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Short Brown (length: 7.075km, climb: 285m, 30 controls)

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Point calculations
1,197.61 + (106.18 x (4,470.94 - T)) / 1,121.57
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1David GodfreeFVOM197400:52:451321
2Finlay ToddINVOCM199900:52:551320
3Ray WardINTM197500:55:361305
4Jason InmanFVOM197000:57:441293
5Laurence CloadINVOCM197800:58:071291
6Roger GoddardFVOM197400:59:311283
7Fraser PurvesFVOM197001:01:341271
8Ross McLennanFVOM197801:01:381271
9Brad ConnorFVOM197001:02:081268
10Chad HarrisonFVOM197701:02:111268
11Patrick WalderCLYDEM197001:03:241261
12Drew TivendaleMAROCM197301:03:581258
13Alan HartleyBLM197401:04:531252
14Tim DarlowRRM197501:05:471247
15J LairdINVOCM196801:06:271243
16Barry VeitchRRM197301:07:51
17Logan McIntyreTVOCM200101:08:221233
18Paul HammondFVOM197601:08:511230
19Donald NaylorHBTM197301:09:52
20Walter ClarkESOCM197601:13:151205
21Kenneth MiltonSTAGM196901:14:141199
22James MartinESOCM197001:14:341197
23Mark RoweESOCM197401:16:241187
24Max F A BloorEUOCM200001:17:301181
25Alasdair RaynorM200101:17:591178
26Pablo Alvarez-IcazaINVOCM200101:20:031166
27Peter O'HaraESOCM197101:21:591155
28Alistair DuguidTAYM197501:24:471139
29Peter McLuckieMORM197001:25:341135
30Paul ChapmanMAROCM197101:26:511128
31Bill MaxwellM195801:30:53
32Tim HardingELOM196301:31:221102
33Ian RowlandELOM196201:32:361095
34Grant CarstairsTAYM195401:32:361095
35Colin SimpsonINVOCM196601:45:041024
36Jim O'DonoghueSTAGM197102:29:38771
-John McKendrickSTAGM196901:21:43
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