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British Sprint Championships - Heats, 30/09/2017

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H5.1 (length: 2.9km, climb: 35m, 13 controls)

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Point calculations
1,092.48 + (119.75 x (1,032.63 - T)) / 210.21
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Rob ParkinsonMORM195600:13:271221
2Maurice CalvertAIREM195700:14:091197
3Ian DitchfieldMVM195600:14:101197
4Alan RosenHHM195500:14:231189
5Philip EelesSOCM195500:14:251188
6Nick CampbellDEEM195700:14:261187
7Richard GardnerODM195400:14:411179
8Mike SnellERYRIM195600:15:091163
9Bruce BryantODM195700:15:161159
10Michael NapierLOCM195300:15:311150
11Alan LeakeySLOWM195300:15:321150
12Lorna EadesINTF196700:16:041132
13Sal ChaffeyDVOF196500:16:061130
14Nigel BushMVM195500:16:201122
15Henry MorganPOTOCM195400:16:211122
16Susan SkinnerWCOCF196400:16:381112
17Jackie ButtSARUMF196300:16:441109
18Deb MurrellSROCF196600:17:051097
19Joe HouseSOM195400:17:091095
20Louise WalkerSUFFOCF196500:17:241086
21John BroadheadLOCM195500:17:271084
22Tamsin HorslerWIMF196700:17:341080
23Colin WestSOSM195500:17:581067
24Liz PhillipsODF196400:18:061062
25Peter WaldronNORM195600:18:371044
26Margaret JonesNGOCF196700:19:421007
27Debby WarrenNNF196300:20:06994
28Helen SharpTVOCF196400:20:42973
29Viv HodsonHHF196400:21:37942
30Ann-Marie DuckworthDVOF196600:21:56931
31David HanstockBOKM195600:22:56897
32Margaret MoodySUFFOCF196400:29:17680
33Graham UrquhartODM195400:32:11581
34Wendy WestLEIF196300:34:41495
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