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East Midlands Urban League 2019, 24/11/2019

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Course 3 (length: 6.8km, 20 controls)

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Point calculations
1,047.43 + (102.49 x (3,052.03 - T)) / 429.50
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1David LawsonODM196300:39:011217
2Andrew RidgwayNOCM196200:40:041202
3Mick LuckingNOCM195700:41:331181
4Andy EmmersonODM195600:43:371151
5Stephen KimberleyDVOM195800:45:281125
6Andrew YeatesWCHM196000:45:521119
7Steve SchofieldNOCM196300:45:591117
8Paul TurnerSELOCM195800:46:021117
9Tanya TaylorLOGF197000:46:181113
10Andis OzolsDVOM198000:46:181113
11Paul HudsonNOCM196200:46:191113
12Peter HarrisHALOM195800:46:421107
13Martin CookSMOCM195600:46:511105
14Mike CapperWAOCM195500:46:591103
15John HurleyDVOM195500:47:201098
16Helen ParkinsonNOCF196600:47:231097
17Ray CollinsWCHM195500:47:551090
18Robert ParkinsonNOCM195700:49:181070
19Judith HughesWCHF196600:50:221055
20Jillian BarkerNOCF197300:50:361051
21Mike GardnerDVOM195800:54:42993
22James BedwellDVOM200200:55:32981
23Claire SelbyDVOF197200:55:49977
24Peter AvisAIREM196300:55:55975
25Philip CaswellLEIM196100:55:59974
26Jane Dring-MorrisLEIF196800:56:30967
27Paul HammondHOCM196200:56:39965
28Andy PortsmouthLEIM195500:56:51962
29Steve EdgarLEIM196600:59:11928
30Peter HayesMDOCM195801:03:13871
31Stuart SwalwellDVOM195001:03:24868
32Rachel DavisDVOF196501:05:28838
33Steven WoodwardDVOM196801:10:02773
-Vivianne LawsonODF196701:12:10
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