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SWELL event and Yvette Baker Heat, 08/03/2020

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Orange (length: 3.3km, climb: 70m, 13 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Jasper CollyerGOM200500:24:21
2Charlotte SladeSNF200800:24:59
3Luke Mills-HicksGOM200700:25:10
4Tom Dellar SNM200800:26:07
5Aidan HiltonSNM200800:27:45
6Ethan DaplynSNM200700:28:26
7Luke BennettDFOKM200800:29:43
8Ben ChapmanSOM200900:31:40
9Holly CurtisSOF200300:32:44
10Finn Le PageSNM200700:34:02
11Casper KatzSNM200600:35:42
12Owen Le PageSNM200900:36:04
13Vincent TownleySNM200400:38:14
14Jen DaplynSNF197800:38:28
15Matthew TrevelyanSOSM200600:40:50
16Janie HortonSOSF200500:43:43
17Cicely Moller-ButcherSNF200800:45:44
18Leo BloomfieldSOM200400:46:30
19Théophane RouxM200300:47:11
20Thomas WalkerSOSM200600:58:03
21Smita TrivediINDW196001:32:22
-Abigail PrinceSOSF200800:30:47
-Nicolas RouxSLOWM197500:43:27
-Louisiane RouxSLOWF200800:44:05
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