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Keppernach & Achagour, 16/06/2019

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Green (length: 3.925km, climb: 90m, 13 controls)

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Point calculations
973.99 + (90.30 x (3,748.31 - T)) / 661.27
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Iain SimeINVOCM197400:43:481127
2Isobel HowardEUOCF200500:45:31
3Angus LairdINVOCM200600:46:23
4Neil McLeanGRAMPM194300:50:221073
5Alan HallidayMORM195400:50:291072
6Jane HallidayMORF196000:51:551060
7Steve SmirthwaiteMORM195800:53:351047
8George ReynoldsINVOCM194400:55:351030
9Guy SeamanINVOCM194900:55:381030
10Norbert ObetaINVOCM200600:55:55
11Caroline HornbyMORF196400:58:221008
12Ian ShreadINVOCM196800:58:241007
13Deborah GoodwinWCOCF196101:02:31974
14Elizabeth KenyonMORF197001:02:43972
15Karen FraserMORF197601:03:01970
16Ida OikkonenMORF200501:03:45
17David RitchieMORM195801:05:04953
18Jim FinlaysonINVOCM196901:11:27900
19Veronica VargasINVOCF196201:13:49881
20Clare WhiteheadMAROCF197601:17:46849
21Richard GoodwinWCOCM195701:17:51848
22John PullenM197201:21:06821
23Stephen HudsonINVOCM197901:24:44792
24Ken NaismithINVOCM194401:26:18779
25Margaret DearmanMORF194901:29:08756
26Tom HeathINVOCM194801:33:10723
-Zoe MackenzieINVOCF197500:27:59
-Ranolph WhiteheadMAROCM200700:54:10
-Wendy MacKinnonINVOCF196401:25:46
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