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Scottish 6 Days - Day 6, 07/08/2021

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C15 (length: 1.65km, climb: 30m, 9 controls)

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Point calculations
826.63 + (124.84 x (2,178.96 - T)) / 781.57
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1David KershawESOCM195000:22:20961
2Mary O'Connell3ROCF196600:23:36
3Caroline MackenzieCLOKF196300:23:39948
4Penny MarshSOF196300:24:19942
5Julie ClearyLOKF196400:24:39938
6Karen FarleyLOCF196100:25:08934
7Penelope SmirthwaiteMORF196000:27:25912
8Joan NobleINVOCF194700:28:48899
9Neil CroasdellEPOCM194800:28:50898
10Karena HanleyESOCF196300:29:00897
11David CorpLOCM195100:29:02896
12Diana McClureSBOCF195000:29:18894
13Sheila StrainELOF194800:29:32892
14Lindsey HensmanFVOF194800:30:19884
15Rachel AlexanderODF195700:30:37881
16Di TurnerSOF195100:31:10876
17Helen NeildLOCF194700:32:15866
18Marcella McLennanTINTOF194700:33:44851
19Claire LeitchSOF196500:34:13847
20Nicky MassonMVF196400:34:25845
21Elspeth HendryF196100:35:37
22Helen NisbetSMOCF196100:35:43832
23Joanna EmbertonEPOCF196100:37:31815
24Denise MullinsSARUMF195100:37:57811
25John FulwoodHALOM194900:38:33805
26Dave WaltonWAROCM195100:39:23797
27Anthony BiggsHAVOCM194900:41:05781
28Melanie ElkingtonODF196100:41:12780
29Helen O'DonoghueSOLWAYF196200:41:33776
30Alison SaundersHHF195900:42:33767
31Janet BiggsHAVOCF195300:42:46765
32Jane StewODF195700:44:10751
33Suse CoonECKOF195100:47:04724
34Jenny GostickHHF196500:47:11722
35Ann SmithLOCF194800:48:57706
36Marion ShipmanLOKF196100:49:40699
37Ali ParmenterMORF196500:57:43622
38Amanda BaileySNF196301:08:28519
39Anne ThomESOCF195001:13:14473
40Penny HeapMDOCF196101:28:16329
-George EngelhardtMVM195100:38:49
-Sheila MiklausicNGOCF194800:45:29
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