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Scottish 6 Days - Day 6, 07/08/2021

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C9 (length: 2.6km, climb: 55m, 11 controls)

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Point calculations
1,050.83 + (111.08 x (2,407.33 - T)) / 646.77
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Isobel HowardEUOCF200500:24:261212
2Brad ConnorFVOM197000:24:491209
3Laura BrownLOCF200500:25:491198
4Nick MartinCLOKM197000:30:181152
5Jocie HiltonSNF200600:30:58
6Amelia ThompsonLOCF200600:32:09
7Clive MassonTAYM196800:32:161132
8Faith Kenyon MORF200500:32:231131
9Hannah MatherLOGF200600:33:40
10Laura HendrieFVOF199500:34:261109
11Mark WoodFVOM196800:34:561104
12Amy Lee-JonesBOKF200500:35:451096
13Rebecca AspinSOCF200000:36:211090
14George ShreadINVOCM200400:37:141081
15Lucy HensmanFVOF200500:40:241048
16Alison FryerLOCF199100:40:251048
17Shona MassonMVF199500:40:311047
18David AspinCLOKM196900:41:131040
19Ian ShreadINVOCM196800:41:171039
20Saskia WarrenNNF200000:41:311036
21Evelyn ElmesDEEF199800:43:291016
22David PotterBOKM196200:46:01990
23Victoria GrahamSOLWAYF199700:46:10989
24Katherine LeylandESOCF000000:48:22
25Mike GarvinSLOWM197000:48:45962
26Jennifer ArthurCLOKF199400:49:24955
27Sarah DarleySNF200500:50:12947
28Meg BakerNNF199200:57:38870
29Ida OikkonenMORF200500:58:42859
30Esme SimeINVOCF200601:05:39
31Jennifer AllisonESOCF199101:09:23749
32David HarrisonEPOCM197101:11:50724
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