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October Odyssey: Day 1, 01/10/2022

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Short Green (length: 3.6km, climb: 30m, 14 controls)

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Point calculations
847.36 + (114.79 x (3,426.50 - T)) / 848.31
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Stella LewsleyBLF195400:32:081050
2Andrew BellBLM195000:37:231007
3Karen ClarkEBORF195500:37:461004
4jill smithEBORF195400:42:13968
5Christine RobinsonLOCF195600:42:23967
6Jane Kayley-BurgessDVOF195700:43:22959
7Ranald MacdonaldDVOM195200:46:56930
8Miriam RosenSROCF194900:50:07904
9Andrew NicollNATOM194100:51:48890
10Ruth EllisDVOF195100:52:11887
11Mike CopeCLAROM194700:52:29885
12Linda KellyCLAROF195700:53:51874
13Viv MacdonaldDVOF195200:54:50866
14Thomas AtheyNATOM199700:55:07864
15Roy BradleyCLOKM194700:55:36860
16Allen BarnesCLAROM194200:56:11855
17Dave SkidmoreDVOM194600:56:27853
18Pam BrownHALOF195900:56:32852
19Allie Wilson CrawNATOF195400:58:04840
20Barry HarrisonCLOKM193901:01:36811
21Zara RogersLOCF199301:01:39810
22Joe TriggCLOKM195101:02:43802
23Margarita StaykovaNNF197701:05:49777
24Helen RaffertyNATOF194301:06:21772
25Dale AtheyM196701:06:42
26Jenny CattermoleF196201:09:24
27Dick WhitworthBLM193901:10:09741
28Wendy TaylorCLOKF195601:10:22740
29Joan SelbyCLOKF194201:21:22650
30Mary CarrickHALOF194901:26:55605
31Richard ClarkEBORM194601:28:17594
32Angela WhitworthBLF194201:58:01353
-Alan SimpsonCLOKM194300:54:01
-rhona fraserESOCF195400:59:29
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