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Winsford Urban (UKUL), 08/10/2023

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Course 5 - MHV WUV WHV (length: 4.5km, climb: 30m, 22 controls)

Other courses: Course 1 - MO | Course 2 - MV WO | Course 3 - MSV WV | Course 4 - MUV WSV | Course 6 - MJ WJ | Course 7 - MYJ WYJ

Point calculations
842.02 + (132.28 x (2,818.48 - T)) / 651.73
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Cliff EtherdenLOCM194800:32:161021
2Doug DickinsonDVOM194500:32:431016
3Peter CareyODM194400:34:12998
4Carol DredgeWCHF195600:35:52977
5Norman HallDEEM194800:36:08974
6Anna NilsenDEEF195800:37:06962
7Patricia DaviesBLF195500:37:17960
8Sheila CareyODF194600:37:42955
9Tony HextQOM194800:37:56952
10Pat MoodyDEEF195700:38:44942
11Chris KirkhamMDOCM194700:39:41931
12Jane CampbellDEEF195700:40:12925
13Kate BryantMDOCF195300:40:20923
14Jenny PalmerDEEF197100:40:28921
15Colin BestSYOM194700:40:49917
16Michael HamptonODM194600:42:49893
17Robert VerityDEEM194200:44:17875
18Chris RostronMDOCM194700:45:57855
19Heather SmithardKFOF194900:46:12851
20Denis MurphyDEEM194600:46:40846
21Marie RobertsMDOCF195800:47:35835
22James SmithDEEM194700:48:46820
23Ian WatsonMDOCM194700:50:09803
24Isobel WilliamsonLOCF195000:51:59781
25Jean LochheadSELOCF194600:52:02780
26Trevor RobertsMDOCM194700:52:25776
27Judith GoodairEPOCF194100:52:44772
28Ruth RhodesSOF194200:53:30763
29Douglas EdwardsMDOCM194700:53:54758
30Jean RostronPOTOCF194200:56:09730
31Barbara VerityDEEF194900:56:53721
32Nicola O'DonnellDVOF197000:58:48698
33Peter YoxallPOTOCM194600:59:02695
34Guy GoodairEPOCM193600:59:36688
35Tricia NealNOCF194601:01:38664
36Julie BrookMDOCF194701:01:59659
37Jean PayneDEEF195301:13:35518
38Alison DoyleMDOCF194901:24:13388
-Jackie PageEPOCF195000:49:26
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