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DFOK Spring Event 2, 15/05/2021

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Blue (length: 6.2km, climb: 210m, 16 controls)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Grey GriersonDEVONM199700:37:29
2Christian GriersonDEVONM199500:41:21
3Alexander LinesWAOCM199500:45:14
4Mindaugas LekaveckasUNKNOWNM198600:47:11
5Antoine PesentiDFOKM197000:48:15
6Richard LloydUNKNOWNM197100:48:21
7Kerria LinesWAOCF199400:52:15
8Alan HicklingSAXM196400:57:07
9Robert LinesSOM196500:57:31
10Guy LidburyHAVOCM196901:00:30
11Andrew PitcherDFOKM196401:00:44
12Neil SpeersDFOKM196601:01:21
13David MooreINDM197101:01:55
14Alex OwenLOKM197501:02:11
15Jon ChandlerLOKM196701:02:50
16Edward StottSLOWM198301:06:21
17Samantha PriorSAXF197801:15:21
18Graham ThomasSAXM196201:17:59
19Lisa BlairSAXF197601:18:10
20Andrew DerrickSAXM197101:21:42
21Dickson Chungyin TamHHM197601:24:14
22Richard DixonBAOCM198701:33:23
23JB Rae-SmithDFOKM196301:39:33
24Chris PondNONEM196102:39:03
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