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Caddihoe Day 1 and Southern Championships (UKOL), 17/09/2022

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Clare FletcherBOKF194200:45:31786
2john parfittBOKM194300:47:17780
3Christine KingBOKF194900:47:53778
4ALICE PARFITTBOKF199500:48:05778
5Sue CurtisBOKF195100:49:46772
6Martin MitchellHOCM196700:49:58772
7Peter YoxallPOTOCM194600:50:04771
8John PigottPOTOCM194600:50:14771
9Liz StradlingBKOF195600:51:19767
10Ruth RhodesSOF194200:53:56759
11Susan WilkesBKOF195401:00:52736
12Pauline OldsKERNOF195401:02:13732
13Donald MoirLEIM193301:02:50730
14Jean RostronPOTOCF194201:05:13722
15Mike GammonSOM193201:11:03703
16John TraylerQOM194401:15:18689
17Bill VigarQOM193501:28:41645
18Kerry CooperSNF197801:33:43629
19Freda PeirceSARUMF194102:39:59413
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