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SO SE League - Eartham Wood, Slindon, near Arundel, 14/05/2023

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Short Brown (length: 8.3km, climb: 230m, 25 controls)

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Point calculations
1,131.53 + (70.12 x (4,380.77 - T)) / 574.02
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Paul CouldridgeSLOWM197400:55:121262
2Graeme MacmillanBAOCM197601:00:031227
3Chris HookerSOM196101:01:441214
4Garry MorrisonM197301:02:09
5Sarah ScarbroughMVF198201:04:011197
6Peter ChapmanSOM196401:04:571191
7Keith BelseySNM196701:04:581191
8Dave CuminsSOM197001:07:541169
9Edward NicholsSOM198201:11:041146
10Darren Warner-SwannSOM196901:11:281143
11Ian RobertsMVM196601:11:381142
12Barry JonesSOM196701:11:461141
13Garry GreenstreetSOM197301:12:311135
14Justin FarhallMVM197401:14:081123
15Maxim ZorinSLOWM197701:14:161122
16Frank EdgeSNM195601:14:251121
17Zlatko PeevSLOWM197001:15:411112
18Paul MartinSNM196701:16:051109
19Andrew HannafordSOM195501:19:081087
20Kerria LinesWAOCF199401:22:491060
21Simon DunkleySNM196501:27:111028
22Jaime ReedSOM197701:28:571015
23Mark SaundersSOM197701:36:21960
24Tim StedmanBOFM197501:39:53935
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