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SLOW National Event, 30/10/2022

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Black (length: 13.12km, climb: 155m, 36 controls)

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Point calculations
1,258.73 + (80.67 x (6,537.24 - T)) / 1,296.21
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Mihaly OrmaySLOWM200101:12:46
2Harrison McCartneyLOKM199801:19:381368
3Flurry GriersonDEVONM200201:22:141359
4Nicholas JarvisSOM199601:23:141355
5Euan TrynerSYOM200401:24:471349
6Michael CroneSLOWM199001:31:231324
7Michael KrajewskiBAOCM198201:32:061322
8Tom DobraTVOCM199201:33:271317
9Richard CollyerGOM197401:33:461315
10Nicholas CooperSNM197501:34:171314
11Juraj HammerBOFM197701:34:381312
12JAMES HAYNESTVOCM199301:35:191310
13George CairnsLOKM199601:35:511308
14Christian GriersonDEVONM199501:36:541304
15Adam PooleTVOCM198901:41:451286
16Sam LeadleyODM200001:42:131284
17Simon ErringtonHHM196301:46:381267
18Tom BeskeenWAOCM198401:47:321264
19Antoine PesentiDFOKM197001:52:381245
20Dylan ShermanOUOCM199501:53:521240
21Richard LloydLOKM196801:56:251231
22Robert ElstonSARUMM200001:56:281231
23Duncan GrassieSLOWM198301:59:461218
24Euan MarshSOM199502:03:361204
25Rob KeelGOM198102:08:071187
26Ben BardsleyHHM197202:09:531181
27Jacob StevensCHIGM197502:18:011150
28Rob LeathleySOM197302:26:391118
29Mike BennettHHM195302:37:261078
30Simon WestRAFOM199702:41:071064
-Grey GriersonDEVONM199701:30:11
-Liam MarshSOM199801:38:55
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