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Kings Lynn Urban, 29/05/2022

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3 (length: 5km, 21 controls)

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Point calculations
950.36 + (159.64 x (3,426.45 - T)) / 934.84
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1David HodsonHHM196400:37:551147
2Rini HoogkamerNORM195900:41:381109
3Peter HarrisHALOM195800:45:191071
4Mike CapperWAOCM195500:45:211071
5Tanya TaylorLOGF197000:45:231070
6Jason DunningWAOCM197500:45:271070
7Peter DuthieWAOCM195900:48:111042
8Stu LeveneHHM196900:48:441036
9Rod ManselSUFFOCM195900:49:241029
10Helen BickleWAOCF198200:52:31997
11Katharine BartramNORF197200:54:38976
12Dean BlackburnNORM196900:55:18969
13Ho Yam Addy FuWAOCM197500:56:31956
14Jane Dring-MorrisLEIF196800:58:33936
15David VinsenNORM196301:00:53912
16Charlie DixonHHM200501:01:05910
17Sarah DixonHHF197301:01:47902
18Jonathan LeeLEIM196101:04:47872
19Johanna PowellWAOCF197601:09:29824
20Alexandra RadcliffeINDF197701:13:53
21Sharon WarlandSOSF196501:14:56768
22Alesha LoweSUFFOCF200401:22:38689
23Leanne BaileyNORF197901:33:23579
24sanjiv JainLOGM196501:34:30567
25Peter LundWAOCM195901:37:36535
-Graham NilsenDEEM195800:44:12
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