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Kelling Heath EAL, 11/12/2022

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Blue (length: 6.2km, climb: 70m, 19 controls)

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Point calculations
1,059.97 + (105.89 x (4,730.79 - T)) / 931.08
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Stephen BorrillWAOCM197101:00:421184
2Roger GoodingSOSM197401:00:521183
3Guy LidburyHAVOCM196901:00:581182
4Matthew BethellNORM200601:01:351178
5John WardNORM196801:01:481176
6Theo Steventon-BarnesSUFFOCM200601:05:381150
7Kingsley ReavellWAOCM197301:15:541080
8Richard PowellWAOCM197601:17:111071
9Paul GoldsworthyNORM196401:18:571059
10Jes DickinSOCM196201:20:46
11Alan SpidyNORM196401:22:321035
12Ken WarrenNORM196001:22:461033
13Jean-Pierre CarraudSOSM196901:33:28960
14David VinsenNORM196301:33:51958
15Rod ManselSUFFOCM195901:36:40938
16emily vallowSUFFOCF199001:37:04936
17Rini HoogkamerNORM195901:37:18934
18Carla Sutherland NORF197901:52:34830
-Chun Yan Alistair FuWAOCM200800:47:38
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