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British Sprint Championships Finals, 22/08/2021

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F4 (length: 3.1km, climb: 35m, 21 controls)

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Point calculations
1,093.90 + (95.47 x (1,077.30 - T)) / 111.64
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Imogen PietersSYOF200500:15:021244
2Peter ScottLOCM200500:16:171180
3Laura BrownLOCF200500:16:281170
4Liam GreenCLOKM200500:16:431157
5Emma CrawfordWCOCF200500:17:181128
6Daisy RennieWCOCF200600:17:19
7Jonathan AmblerWAOCM200500:17:271120
8Issy SunleyWCOCF200500:17:381110
9Jocie HiltonSNF200600:17:39
10Cate MatthewSROCF200600:18:28
11Hannah MatherLOGF200600:18:36
12Elspeth JollyHALOF200500:19:311014
13James ThompsonHOCM200500:19:421004
14George MartinCLOKM200500:19:431004
15Matthew McCreadieDEEM200600:19:45
16Laura BarrettSNF200500:21:11928
17Oliver ThomasonMDOCM200500:22:51843
18Keshav GaneshMDOCM200600:26:50
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