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SEOUL Urban event , 29/08/2022

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MUV WSV (length: 6.1km, climb: 240m, 14 controls)

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Point calculations
975.49 + (103.68 x (3,272.23 - T)) / 534.96
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Adrian PicklesWREM195700:36:211187
2Christopher KelseyBOKM195700:38:411160
3Ian DitchfieldMVM195600:41:081131
4Karen FrenchWIMF196700:42:111119
5Axel BlomquistSNM195200:44:541088
6Jackie HallettBOKF195700:47:021063
7Ian ProwseNGOCM195200:47:311057
8Nigel HoultBKOM195300:48:171048
9Helen KelseyBOKF195700:48:181048
10Debbie ManningSWOCF199200:48:471042
11Rachel PotterBOKF200100:50:341022
12Caroline PotterBOKF196200:52:061004
13Viv HodsonHHF196400:52:231001
14Ginny HudsonNGOCF196200:52:53995
15Ashleigh DenmanNGOCF196700:53:13991
16Tim SandsBOKM194900:54:24977
17John FallowsNGOCM195800:55:28965
18Michael WilkinsonHOCM195700:56:08957
19Chris JohnsonBOKM195300:56:33952
20Tim HughesTVOCM195200:56:50949
21Carol SandsBOKF195100:56:56948
22Katherine PikeWIMF196300:57:00947
23Joanne LeighHOCF196700:58:11933
24Jim MallinsonSLOWM194900:59:11921
25Judith TaylorNGOCF196500:59:48914
26Laurence GossageBOKM195001:00:41904
27Julia WilkinsonHOCF195901:01:53890
28Gill SharpSNF195801:03:24872
29Gwen TannerBOKF196001:05:03853
30Jon WheatcroftTVOCM195201:07:17827
31Helen RossingtonBOKF196201:11:29778
32Mike ElliotMVM195101:13:12758
33Peter RibbansSWOCM195701:17:04714
34Rhiannon FadeyibiNGOCF196201:22:58645
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