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ESOC SOUL2, 06/02/2022

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2 (Brown) (length: 8km, climb: 40m, 19 controls)

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Point calculations
1,178.66 + (60.23 x (3,167.38 - T)) / 299.95
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Jamie RennieWCOCM197000:44:481275
2Colin WilliamsRR000000:46:371253
3Ben StansfieldFVOM196800:47:061247
4Mark WoodFVOM196800:47:571237
5Sabine OechsnerESOCF199100:49:361217
6Alastair DunlopCLYDEM197300:51:251195
7Walter ClarkESOCM197600:51:291194
8Alison CampbellSTAGF199100:51:491190
9Graeme AcklandINTM196200:52:131186
10Mark SandersonESOC000000:52:321182
11Terry JohnstoneESOCM196600:54:021164
12Sigrid Passano HellanEUOCF199500:54:471155
13John McKendrickSTAGM196900:55:101150
14Laura HindleFVOF199800:55:271147
15Paul McGrealRRM197200:58:431107
16Simon FinchFVOM197900:59:091102
17Chris KellyFVOM197401:04:201040
-Michael McPhillipsESOCM196901:02:27
-David McneishESOCM197201:03:02
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