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YHOA Urban League & YHOA Sprint Championships, 21/05/2023

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Course MV

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Liam CornerMDOCM197000:29:011247
2David BowmanAIREM197300:30:371224
3Will DreweCLAROM198100:31:341211
4David JollyRAFOM197400:32:101202
5Kristian GroomSYOM197700:32:541192
6Greg MayPFOM198000:33:131187
7Tim HoltSYOM197800:34:061175
8Mike ByronHALOM197500:34:391167
9Tom WoodhamAIREM197400:36:481137
10Paul TaylorSYOM196500:36:501136
11Ben CarterPFOM197700:37:551121
12David RochesterCLAROM197000:38:161116
13Adrian BalcombeCLAROM197400:38:461109
14Lee BeaversAIREM197900:39:081104
15Stephen ReidSYOM197700:41:251071
16Bob JohnstonIND00:41:32
17Allan RussellIND00:42:06
18Nicholas BarnesPFOM198000:42:081061
19David HowsamSYOM197900:48:39969
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