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YHOA Night League, 16/12/2023

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LONG (length: 4.9km, climb: 80m, 21 controls)

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Point calculations
1,174.32 + (91.81 x (2,592.73 - T)) / 563.98
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Quentin HardingCLAROM196200:29:171310
2Christopher MacKenzieCLOKM199300:33:211271
3Will DreweCLAROM198100:33:341269
4Leon FosterAIREM198300:35:011254
5Dave MurgatroydAIREM198900:35:461247
6Connor SmithEPOCM199900:36:341239
7Robert GatenbyAIREM197800:37:161232
8Alun PowellAIREM196900:37:341229
9James MeredithEBORM197800:37:381229
10David WilliamsAIREM196200:39:241212
11Steve CorriganEBORM195800:40:281201
12John MatherLOGM197000:41:341190
13Peter HainesAIREM195400:41:431189
14Emma HarrisonEPOCF197200:41:541187
15Stephen BorrillWAOCM197100:41:561187
16Adrian BalcombeCLAROM197400:47:181134
17Steve WhiteheadEBORM195100:50:431101
18Sean CroninSAXM196600:50:441101
19Steve EdgarLEIM196600:54:531060
20John LebeterCLAROM195500:58:521021
21Howard SawyerAIREM195401:01:26996
22Michal SlezakEBORM197601:03:44974
23Sean MolloyCLAROM197001:27:37741
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