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MDOC Summer evening event , 21/06/2022

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Green (length: 4.2km, climb: 15m, 28 controls)

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Point calculations
992.54 + (109.88 x (3,805.00 - T)) / 833.03
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Martin GreenMDOCM195400:48:511108
2Andrew ThorntonMDOCM196000:49:451101
3Jim CookePOTOCM196200:50:291095
4Ian FarrellMDOCM198100:51:341086
5Pauly JonesDEEM196500:51:371086
6Michael HoodSELOCM195900:52:551076
7Sara CampbellDEEF196500:53:301071
8Eddie SpeakMDOCM195400:54:001067
9Anton PethoMDOCM199500:54:181065
10Ian BrattRAND ORM195700:56:24
11Eifion ThomasDEEM194900:56:351047
12Norman HallDEEM194800:57:081042
13Trevor HindleMDOCM196401:03:17994
14Marcus BainesM200101:03:31
15Elizabeth BalesPOTOCF196201:03:38991
16Yvonne HungMDOCF198001:05:12978
17Nicholas ColwillM198701:05:36
18Graham HorrocksDEEM196101:05:52973
19Pete OwensLOCM196001:06:14970
20Richard GriffinMDOCM197201:08:05956
21Hazel HindleMDOCF196301:08:05956
22Alain KydMDOCM197001:08:08955
23John BrammerDEEM195901:09:53941
24Rebecca McCreadieDEEF197601:12:39919
25Caroline BrammerDEEF196701:13:04916
26Kath SpeakMDOCF195901:14:02909
27Jane McCannMDOCF196601:14:38904
28Pat MoodyDEEF195701:15:41895
29Jess Taylor-BrayF200101:17:20
30Clare GriffinMDOCF197301:21:49847
31Christopher KempDEEM195401:23:18835
32Neil LaidlawMDOCM195901:51:12614
33Anne HurrellDEEF195302:08:51475
-Ian AnkersPOTOCM194900:56:33
-Emma MasonMDOCF198601:13:45
-Guy LingfordCONGLETM195701:21:52
-Michael WhartonMDOCM197501:24:29
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