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East Midlands Championships 2024, 25/02/2024

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Blue (length: 6.8km, climb: 45m, 17 controls)

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Point calculations
1,096.19 + (92.57 x (4,398.91 - T)) / 948.38
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1John DuckworthDVOM196600:44:501263
2Paul MurgatroydLOGM196700:49:131237
3Dai BedwellDVOM196700:52:261218
4Dean FieldHALOM196300:57:491187
5Andy SykesDVOM196500:59:461176
6Ade ChapmanLOGM196301:00:291171
7Dave ChaffeyDVOM196301:01:131167
8Wayne ByrneRAFOM198001:05:361141
9Toni O'DonovanLEIF197801:06:431135
10David VincentDVOM196101:08:361124
11Andrew RidgwayNOCM196201:09:261119
12Lizzie RosewellNOCF198101:16:551075
13Paul GoodheadDVOM196101:18:531064
14Steve ChaferLEIM196701:19:521058
15David CladingboelLEIM196601:21:541046
16Ian JarvisLEIM196401:21:551046
17Alastair PatersonLEIM196701:26:081021
18Anna-Kaisa Koskela-BrookLOGF198301:28:131009
19Marcus LancastleLOGM196601:30:05998
20Nicola HartDVOF196201:30:52993
21Simon BristerDVOM194901:36:06963
22Andrew EvansLOGM198001:45:56905
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