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Nowton Park and Hardwick Heath, 08/01/2023

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Green (length: 4.7km, climb: 30m, 12 controls)

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Point calculations
923.08 + (156.19 x (3,235.30 - T)) / 688.99
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Adam RileyWAOCM198100:40:531100
2Tanya TaylorLOGF197000:42:281079
3Mick ListonNORM194900:42:361077
4Louise WalkerSUFFOCF196500:45:481034
5Jason DunningWAOCM197500:46:401022
6Peter CarlillNORM195800:47:091015
7Richard BonnettBAOCM195500:47:201013
8Katharine BartramNORF197200:48:47993
9Martin HoreSUFFOCM195000:48:47993
10Simon HootonSUFFOCM195600:49:42981
11Nicholas PughSOSM195100:49:46980
12Bob HillRAFOM195600:49:55978
13Julia BaldwinSUFFOCF197000:50:39968
14Sarah ManselSUFFOCF196500:51:43953
15Phil HalfordSUFFOCM195400:51:54951
16Ian ShephardNORM195300:53:29929
17Ann HarrisSMOCF195400:54:51910
18Alesha LoweSUFFOCF200400:56:55882
19Sandra MatherSMOCF196600:57:10879
20Peter LundWAOCM195900:57:38873
21Kerry SturmanNORF197701:10:00704
22Tim EdenNORM195301:11:35683
23Barbara BeckettHAVOCF195501:17:37601
24Ruth RhodesSOF194201:18:13593
25Margaret MoodySUFFOCF196401:28:39451
-Amelie Constable-Simmonds +1F201301:34:34
-Hannah & Reuben Constable-SimmondsF197801:35:43
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