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Christchurch Urban, 05/11/2022

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Course 3 (length: 4.2km, 17 controls)

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Point calculations
1,087.64 + (94.24 x (1,871.33 - T)) / 331.52
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1David HodsonHHM196400:25:251186
2Melanie SladeSNF196800:25:321184
3Roger ThetfordTVOCM196200:25:581177
4Mike BrettBAOCM196400:26:101173
5David LawsonODM196300:26:181171
6Mike FrizzellBADOM195800:26:411164
7Phil NewallWCOCM196200:27:461146
8Alison HoweSAXF197200:27:481145
9David MarshSOM196300:27:521144
10Dave ChaffeyDVOM196300:28:271134
11Simon MooreBKOM196000:28:511128
12Christopher KelseyBOKM195700:28:551126
13Craig SmithBOKM196700:29:011125
14Veronica BaretteSOCF197300:29:171120
15Ian ByrneSMOCM195700:29:471112
16Nick DennisBOKM196000:29:541110
17Jes DickinSOCM196000:30:321099
18Andy EmmersonODM195600:30:531093
19Andrew ReynoldsDEVONM196600:31:451078
20Brian PearsonQOM196000:32:071072
21Louise TongeBOKF196900:32:301065
22Victoria MccreadieWIMF198100:33:271049
23John MarshSOM196700:34:011039
24Cat EdwardesDEVONF197000:34:011039
25Rachel DennisBOKF196700:34:221033
26Camilla DarwinWAOCF196900:34:281032
27David PotterBOKM196200:34:291031
28Carolyn DentBOKF196200:35:071021
29Helen HagueWAOCF196900:35:341013
30Tina StratfordWSXF197100:37:48975
31Lilian MartyUBOCM200100:41:13
32Nicola HarveyWIMF197200:54:55683
33Tim HulleySOM196100:58:00630
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