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Caddihoe Day 1 (UKOL), 30/09/2023

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Point calculations
1,268.30 + (88.94 x (6,067.00 - T)) / 1,342.93
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Ben MitchellSBOCM199301:06:371405
2Philip VokesODM199601:09:281394
3Matt WhippleSWOCM198901:27:251323
4Nicholas JarvisSOM199601:28:431318
5Thomas RollinsSNM200701:31:101308
6Robin FieldhouseQOM000001:31:22
7Luke TierneyUBOCM199901:32:421302
8Tom DobraTVOCM199201:33:011300
9Sam NewNWOM199701:34:051296
10Adam FieldhouseQOM199701:34:371294
11OLIVER RANTQOM199701:38:291279
12Richard CroninNGOCM198901:39:311275
13Jean-Luc PortnerOUOCM200001:39:52
14Adam WalkerDEVONM199501:41:141268
15Michael HallettBOKM199701:41:421266
16Iain LargeBOKM198901:47:161244
17Kin Wai LeeHOCM199001:52:461222
18Tsz Fung YuODM199801:56:331207
19Peter DobraSAXM199902:16:571126
20Luke FieldhouseQOM199802:47:501003
-Megan Carter-DaviesSBOCF199600:59:20
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