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SOS Chalkney, 17/09/2023

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Green (length: 4.8km, climb: 85m, 17 controls)

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Point calculations
927.38 + (72.30 x (5,248.47 - T)) / 971.84
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Steven PartridgeSOSM196901:03:101036
2Rod ManselSUFFOCM195901:09:421007
3Nicholas PughSOSM195101:11:24999
4Garry ParmenterHAVOCM194601:12:29994
5Marc OwenBOFM197301:16:31976
6Martin HoreSUFFOCM195001:19:08965
7David LumbySOSM196101:19:13964
8Jennifer GebkaHAVOCF196301:22:21950
9Hilary SellensSOSF195501:25:00938
10Olivia RadcliffeSUFFOCF200801:25:45
11Jackie SibthorpSOSF196601:26:04934
12Helen HagueWAOCF196901:26:46931
13John ClarkeSUFFOCM196801:28:28923
14Andy RichINDM200201:33:09
15Sally WilkinsonSUFFOCF196401:33:37900
16Julia BaldwinSUFFOCF197001:34:06898
17Barbara BeckettHAVOCF195501:40:58867
18Teresa WoodSOSF197401:46:15844
19Philip HagueWAOCM196901:47:16839
20James ClarkeSUFFOCM201002:00:03
21Christopher ChildsSOSM194802:04:33762
22Kathryn RehalSOSF196702:09:36739
-Joshua OwenSOSM200800:47:18
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