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Compass-Sport Cup Heat, 22/01/2023

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Point calculations
1,159.80 + (92.11 x (3,949.71 - T)) / 753.84
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Lucy WalkerDEVONF199400:47:471292
2Sarah RollinsSNF197600:50:281272
3Clare LeveridgeBOFF199000:55:141237
4Jocie HiltonSNF200600:57:531218
5Christine CurrieSOCF197700:59:161208
6Katherine BettSNF199500:59:441204
7Kezia JukesSLOWF198901:01:001195
8Jon BrookeWSXM196601:03:311177
9Rebecca AspinSOCF200001:04:211171
10Becky CarlyleTVOCF198301:10:141128
11Natalia GriaznevichTVOCF198901:12:291111
12fern aultWSXF198501:25:061019
13Victoria MccreadieWIMF198101:25:251016
14Megan AshtonRNOCF198501:29:08989
15Rebecca JacksonDEVONF197501:29:28987
16Jemma DavieDEVONF199002:07:04711
17Polly JacobsSARUMF197702:08:03704
-Lyra MedlockWSXF200700:58:44
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