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EPOC/PFO Regional Event, 04/02/2024

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Short Green (length: 2.8km, climb: 105m, 13 controls)

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Point calculations
893.60 + (100.72 x (3,510.45 - T)) / 777.62
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Tony ThornleyAIREM194800:38:371048
2Emma MasonMDOCF198600:39:091044
3Shirley WoodAIREF195800:44:471000
4Ian CooperSYOM194700:44:54999
5John BroadheadLOCM195500:45:24995
6Jillyan DobbyMDOCF195100:49:09966
7Peter RossMDOCM194700:50:09959
8Christine RobinsonLOCF195600:52:56937
9Alison CorbettPOTOCF196500:53:02936
10Roy LindsellEPOCM194400:54:26925
11Liz CarterAIREF195300:57:40900
12Jane BookerNOCF195400:58:03897
13David BookerNOCM195401:01:26871
14Chris BurdenAIREM194801:02:41861
15Jill GorvettSYOF194801:03:15857
16Anne Kayley-BurgessDVOF196601:03:32855
17Jane Kayley-BurgessDVOF195701:04:18849
18Janet HillWREF195401:07:26824
19Sarah LeggettF197901:08:40
20Mike AthertonLOCM194201:11:25793
21Linda KellyCLAROF195701:13:12779
22Bob ElmesDEEM194501:19:26731
23Joanna EmbertonEPOCF196101:30:10648
24Rod ShawEPOCM193801:32:13632
25Karen WindlePFOF196001:35:15608
-Neil CroasdellEPOCM194801:02:49
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