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SELOC Regional, 25/02/2024

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Short Green (length: 3.4km, 16 controls)

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Point calculations
843.47 + (95.04 x (3,592.30 - T)) / 776.52
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Christine RobinsonLOCF195600:41:57975
2Jillyan DobbyMDOCF195100:45:52946
3Anna WilsonPFOF201000:47:14
4Peter RossMDOCM194700:47:56931
5Ian CouchEPOCM194700:48:01931
6Gerry SymesAIREM194800:49:09922
7Pat MoodyDEEF195700:50:04915
8Alan MullockDEEM194600:51:30905
9Marie RobertsMDOCF195800:54:50880
10James HendrySROCM200900:54:51
11Susan RoomeSROCF195200:55:40874
12Jean LochheadSELOCF194600:56:20869
13Anne WilsonAIREF195200:56:47866
14Jane CampbellDEEF195700:58:15855
15Robert VerityDEEM194200:59:54843
16Linda KellyCLAROF195701:00:35838
17Jill GorvettSYOF194801:00:37838
18Bob ElmesDEEM194501:04:10812
19Jackie PageEPOCF195001:06:30795
20Wendy Crawford-SmithPFOF194701:11:39757
21Chris KirkhamMDOCM194701:13:51741
22Trevor RobertsMDOCM194701:18:50704
23Cath HignettPFOF195701:19:59696
24Ronald WilliamsDEEM193501:23:43668
25James K ButterworthSYOM194901:35:11584
-Geoffrey MillanMDOCM194400:57:34
-Barbara VerityDEEF194901:13:18
-Julie BrookMDOCF194702:43:55
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