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Milton Keynes Urban and Keyne-O 5, 19/08/2023

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4 (length: 4.6km, 16 controls)

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Point calculations
984.82 + (118.39 x (2,101.52 - T)) / 456.65
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Mike FrizzellBADOM195800:25:471129
2James CrawfordGOM195500:26:121122
3Ian DitchfieldMVM195600:26:291118
4Carol ProsserBAOCF196100:27:401099
5Richard GardnerODM195400:28:511081
6Sue HartleyWAOCF195600:29:361069
7Mike CapperWAOCM195500:30:101060
8Hedley CalderbankHHM195100:30:481051
9Martin CookSMOCM195600:31:321039
10Peter WoodsWAOCM195700:32:051031
11Ian ProsserBAOCM195700:32:051031
12Nicola TrotmanHHF196600:33:061015
13Axel BlomquistSNM195200:33:111013
14Paul LangstonHHM195300:33:211011
15Charlie DixonHHM200500:34:14997
16Eliza HermannHHF196100:34:35992
17Graham PemberySMOCM195800:35:03984
18Ian ByfordHHM195800:35:14982
19Jane Dring-MorrisLEIF196800:35:35976
20Karen VinesSMOCF196800:35:55971
21Bob HillRAFOM195600:36:23964
22James AskewNGOCM195800:36:26963
23Catherine GalvinLOKF196200:37:16950
24Helen NisbetSMOCF196100:37:46942
25Margaret JonesNGOCF196700:37:53940
26Rob AskhamSMOCM197400:38:36929
27Marc OwenBOFM197300:39:18918
28Ann HarrisSMOCF195400:39:54909
29Jon WheatcroftTVOCM195200:50:12749
30David LeFevreDFOKM195700:51:13733
31Viv HodsonHHF196400:54:45678
32Peter RichesTVOCM195000:56:32650
33Charles Taylor-KeaneSMOCM195500:56:50646
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