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CompassSport Cup Heat, 18/02/2024

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6 (length: 5.625km, climb: 95m, 16 controls)

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Point calculations
1,068.72 + (96.76 x (3,855.33 - T)) / 769.33
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Clive HallettBOKM196300:39:211257
2Gavin CleggWSXM195500:50:071175
3Paul LaneSARUMM195700:50:141175
4Alan HoneyBOKM196000:50:241173
5Mike ChristopherWIMM195500:56:071130
6John CookWSXM195700:56:091130
7Andrew GrahamSARUMM195500:56:251128
8Paul ChavasseQOM196400:57:541117
9Peter MaliphantBOKM195600:57:571116
10Steve RobertsonQOM195300:58:501110
11Christian SaxtoftBOKM196200:59:171106
12Mark WhiteSARUMM195800:59:201106
13Tom LillicrapDEVONM194700:59:231105
14Mick HunterNWOM195501:00:081100
15Jim HaywardBOKM196301:01:001093
16Bruno SmithWSXM196401:03:241075
17Jeff ButtSARUMM196301:04:261067
18Andy RimesQOM196301:04:301067
19Adrian TaylorDEVONM195501:04:471065
20Bryan SmithDEVONM195201:05:201061
21Peter FosterBOKM195701:06:511049
22DAVID FAULKNERBOKM196201:08:591033
23Rob HickWSXM196001:09:531026
24Kevin BealeNWOM195801:11:321014
25Mike WimpennyDEVONM194801:12:591003
26Neil FraserNWOM196101:14:49989
27Mike JamesBAOCM195801:18:52958
28David PotterBOKM196201:21:59935
29Nigel MorrisWIMM195901:22:31931
30Chic YoungSARUMM195701:36:15827
31John WeymanDEVONM195901:38:31810
-Nick DennisBOKM196001:04:49
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