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WML Event - Bodenham Arboretum & Shatterford Woods, 14/01/2024

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Short Green (length: 3.25km, climb: 115m, 14 controls)

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Point calculations
836.08 + (104.51 x (3,989.15 - T)) / 1,208.56
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Jonathan HowellWCHM195200:41:54964
2Hazel WatersWCHF195100:45:44944
3Dave SmithWCHM195300:48:03932
4Sheila CareyODF194600:48:15931
5Michael HamptonODM194600:50:02921
6Jeremy GeereHOCM196200:51:11915
7Janet HillWREF195400:53:00906
8Peter CareyODM194400:55:08895
9Rick RobertsHOCM195100:55:26893
10Trevor SimpsonODM193901:00:41866
11Lesley BrownHOCF195001:00:49865
12Eric BrownHOCM194801:01:11864
13Russ FausetHOCM194701:02:13858
14Rachel AlexanderODF195701:02:19858
15Richard LewisWREM195101:02:48855
16Phil BIBBYWREM195301:03:05854
17Chris DwyerODM195101:03:12853
18Sue HallettODF194601:05:11843
19Julia WilkinsonHOCF195901:08:40825
20Peter HowsamWREM195001:09:22821
21Jane CampbellDEEF195701:09:56818
22Peter LeakeLEIM193901:11:46809
23Denis MurphyDEEM194601:12:44804
24Jane HowsamWREF195101:16:10786
25Janet RichardsonODF194901:39:17666
26Garry LangstonWCHM194001:40:06662
27Hilary SimpsonODF193901:42:05651
28Colin PalmerHOCM194401:43:23645
29Rhiannon FadeyibiNGOCF196201:44:51637
30Ernie WilliamsLEIM194201:55:07584
31Robert VickersHOCM194202:00:26556
32Geoff SaraHOCM193902:52:26286
-Jen GaleDVOF194600:35:25
-John PearsonHOCM194800:51:01
-Marian WhiteWREF196000:57:30
-Melanie ElkingtonODF196101:24:05
-Barry McGowanHOCM194701:24:52
-Rew FrancisINDM196402:39:01
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