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Scottish Orienteering League 1 (Scottish Spring), 17/03/2024

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Green (length: 3.25km, climb: 130m, 13 controls)

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Point calculations
989.00 + (64.82 x (4,406.24 - T)) / 1,010.27
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Martin BagnessWAROCM196000:34:491138
2Robin SloanRRM194700:54:091063
3Joe FarnellECKOM198900:54:39
4Louise LonghurstFVOF196400:57:271051
5Hazel FarnellECKOF198900:58:54
6Janet AdamsSYOF196301:01:441034
7Fran LootsTAYF195901:03:101029
8Alison CunninghamFVOF196301:03:411027
9Christine PattersonCLYDEF195901:03:511026
10Rory PercivalTAYM196401:05:151021
11Amelia PetrieCLYDEF195601:07:241012
12Dave CoustickFVOM194501:08:491007
13Geoffrey HensmanFVOM194801:09:221005
14Sally LindsayESOCF195601:10:45999
15Elizabeth CampbellMORF196501:25:21943
16Rosslyn NicholsonGRAMPF196601:25:40942
17Pauline McAdamKFOF195501:25:46942
18Roy DawsonNATOM194801:26:09940
19Freyja AbbottSTAGF199701:34:54906
20Lucie HamplovaESOCF199401:37:43896
21Helen HardieSTAGF196301:38:12894
22Carol BurnappECKOF196701:38:49891
23Fiona DownieTAYF196201:53:46834
-Ian PyrahESOCM194401:06:24
-Guy SeamanINVOCM194901:10:08
-Erinn AbbottSTAGF199901:21:37
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