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Sarum Saunter, 05/05/2024

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Short Green (length: 3.7km, climb: 125m, 13 controls)

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Point calculations
774.73 + (63.94 x (5,246.15 - T)) / 997.44
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Elisabeth DicksonBAOCF195801:03:08868
2Teresa TurnerSLOWF194801:06:01857
3Christopher MoonBOKM195001:07:06853
4Fiona HanstockBOKF195601:08:21848
5Andy MacgregorBAOCM194001:09:47843
6David OxenhamSARUMM195501:12:49831
7Trevor BridleWIMM194301:15:15822
8David HanstockBOKM195601:17:04815
9Paul NewbyINDM194401:18:39
10Sarah HoulderWSXF195901:21:38797
11Susan WilkesBKOF195401:28:59769
12Charlotte ThorntonSARUMF194501:29:17768
13Clare FletcherBOKF194201:31:52758
14Gill SharpSNF195801:34:04749
15Ruth ChestersDEVONF195001:35:32744
16Denise MullinsSARUMF195101:36:44739
17Caroline ChristopherWIMF195101:43:12714
18Sue CurtisBOKF195101:43:16714
19Brian CurtisBOKM195101:43:58711
20Karen LewisQOF196601:45:14706
21Andrew RobertsonSARUMM196901:45:53704
22Madeleine BridleWSXF195201:52:58677
23Joan HambletonSARUMF194201:59:12653
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