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Dunblane Wednesday Evening Event, 05/06/2024

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Green (length: 5.05km, 19 controls)

Other courses: Short Green | Orange | Yellow
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Benjamin ParkinsonINDM200300:38:57
2Iain CattermoleSTAGM199700:39:23
3Paul HammondFVOM197600:41:56
4Brian WhitworthFVOM197400:42:01
5Rory SlaterFVOM200300:42:14
6John HeatonFVOM197500:42:42
7Mark JohnstonFVOM197200:43:19
8Scarlett KellyFVOF200800:43:26
9Peter OwenFVOM200800:43:59
10Dominic EdwardFVOM197900:44:17
11Rupert ParkinsonFVOM196600:44:33
12Heather ThomsonFVOF197400:46:49
13Andreas WeinbergerINDM198900:47:12
14Chris KellyFVOM197400:49:42
15Esme KellyFVOF200900:49:57
16Mark HollidayFVOM195600:52:13
17Fraser CheyneFVOM201000:54:08
18Scott BaikieFVOM197500:54:54
19Alice McDaidFVOF198200:57:22
20Louise LonghurstFVOF196400:58:04
21Cathy TilbrookFVOF196900:58:27
22Sara JosefssonSTAGF199801:04:31
23Maire ConveryTAYF196701:08:36
24Robert NeilFVOM195701:09:55
25Nicola MelvilleFVOF196901:14:31
26Helena CareyFVOF197901:25:54
27Thomas ElgoodCHIGM196401:33:47
-Matthew InmanFVOM200900:25:47
-Gary LonghurstFVOM195900:45:15
-Lucas WhitworthFVOM200900:51:15
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