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SE Sprint Championships, 12/05/2013

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Heat2_4 (length: 1.4km)

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Josh M'CawHHM200100:07:07
2Alex FieldingHHM200300:07:50
3Adam ConwayM200300:08:46
4Samuel LeitchEUOCM200100:09:09
5Nicolas BarrettSNM200300:10:03
6Aimee DarleySNF200300:10:38
7Sasha Barker-PilsworthRAFO00:11:25
8Adam MethvenBKOM200500:11:37
9James LundSOM200100:13:03
10Sarah DarleySNF200500:13:18
11Richard BarrettBAOCM197000:14:13
12Peter ErringtonHHM199900:15:40
13Thomas RollinsBAOC00:18:50
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