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WAOC Colour Coded, 06/11/2016

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Brown (length: 8.6km, climb: 45m, 22 controls)

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Point calculations
1,146.46 + (103.36 x (4,645.56 - T)) / 907.96
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Paul PruzinaLVOM199700:52:411315
2Edward DickinsM199500:55:38
3JAMES HAYNESTVOCM199300:59:591266
4Glen RichardsonNORM197801:03:411240
5Brian CoweWAOCM197601:10:451192
6Jonathan GilbertNORM195901:11:491185
7Neil RosewellNOCM197701:12:471178
8Gjermund VingerhagenWAOCM198101:12:521178
9Ric BrackenburySMOCM198201:14:331166
10Oliver TomlinsonSMOCM198301:15:041163
11Pieter De KoningWAOCM197001:15:141161
12Ella GilbertNORF199801:16:061156
13Katerina SkarkovaW199801:19:29
14Daniel CowleyNORM198101:19:511130
15Chris HawkinsM196601:24:28
16Diane Mitson POTOCF197501:24:411097
17Bert ParkM196601:26:03
18Nina TantERYRIF198801:26:221085
19Andrew ElliottSUFFOCM197101:38:351002
20Michael BrookeM195101:44:16
21Helen LloydNORF195901:51:06916
22Mark GloverSMOCM198101:51:18915
-Goff HillM194601:28:24
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