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WOLF - Kingussie, Sprint, SOUL 8, 10/09/2016

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5 - M/W 12- (length: 1.4km, climb: 15m, 11 controls)

Other courses: 1 - M/W Open | 2 - M/W 40+ | 3 - M/W 55+ | 4 - M/W 16- and Adult Beginner

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Angus IvoryINTM200400:07:27
2Scott PerryMORM200400:07:42
3Laurence WardINTM200700:07:57
4Michael PatersonCLYDEM200400:08:03
5Samuel BartlettINTM200500:08:16
6James HammondFVOM200600:08:19
7Oscar ShepherdINVOCM200400:08:29
8Finlay RaynorINVOCM200400:08:45
9Gemma CollinsMAROCF200400:08:52
10Connor CurranMORM200400:08:56
11Angus LairdINVOCM200600:09:06
12Maja RobertsonESOCF200600:09:24
13Harris JohnstoneINVOCM200400:09:24
14David IvoryM200600:09:49
15Lexie NicolsonINVOCF200800:09:56
16Kate McLuckieMORF200700:10:04
17Thomas RossINTM200500:10:33
18Finlay McLuckieMORM200800:10:36
19Caitlin PatersonCLYDEF200700:11:16
20Morven FarquharsonGRAMPF200500:11:33
21Connie NicolsonINVOCF200500:11:44
22Megan BrownESOCF200800:11:53
23Kirsty FarquharsonGRAMPF200500:12:06
24Jamie ConnorFVOM200700:12:35
25Ben RossINTM200800:12:51
26Ruth GoochMAROCF200700:12:59
27Joshua BritainMORM200400:13:52
28Calum RobertsonESOCM200900:13:59
29Scarlett BritainMORF200700:14:30
30Katie HensmanFVOF200700:14:34
31Ryan CurranMORM200600:15:18
32Rebecca HammondFVOF200800:15:19
33Lawrence Robins-BirdINVOCM200400:15:20
34Lucy WardINTF201000:17:04
35Rona LairdINVOC000000:19:31
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