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BKO Concorde Chase and SCOA Championships (Star Posts), 28/01/2018

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Black (length: 11.1km, climb: 290m, 35 controls)

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Point calculations
1,215.84 + (85.14 x (6,042.20 - T)) / 1,425.45
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Harrison McCartneyLOKM199801:09:411327
2Paul CouldridgeSLOWM197401:16:231303
3Tessa StrainINTF198701:16:591301
4Clive HallettBOKM196301:18:011297
5Anders BankSLOWM198301:20:561287
6James LyneSNM198801:23:321277
7Huw StradlingBAOCM01:26:28
8Alan VeleckySOM196601:28:101261
9Mark SaundersTVOCM197801:33:071243
10Peter SubaWSXM197401:33:451241
11Tony BurtonMVM196401:34:311238
12Lukasz WisniewskiBKOM199601:35:091236
13Paul GebbettBOKM196901:35:341234
14Neville BakerTVOCM195301:37:181228
15Richard CottleBOKM196501:38:391223
16Nick BennettSNM199501:44:051204
17Johan HenrikssonOUOCM199201:45:491198
18Jack SmithAIREM199701:51:401177
19Adam PooleTVOCM198901:52:391173
20Tom BeskeenWAOCM198401:54:291166
21Ben LonsdaleRAFOM198202:12:501101
22Adam HecquetSNM197402:31:121035
23Rich GoldingBKOM196802:40:331001
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