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Compass Sport Cup Heat, 11/03/2018

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Blue Men (length: 5.5km, climb: 165m, 20 controls)

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Point calculations
1,135.58 + (78.03 x (3,080.48 - T)) / 430.63
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Steve WebbAIREM196200:38:501272
2Neil ConwayFVOM196800:40:081257
3Mike JohnsonSROCM196000:40:391252
4Michael BillinghurstWCOCM196000:42:291232
5Mark SimmondsLOCM196300:43:531217
6Nick HowlettLOCM196700:44:251211
7Iain Smith-WardLOCM196800:44:311210
8Alan IrvingWCOCM196700:45:231200
9Graeme TiffanyAIREM196300:47:281178
10Graham WatsonWCOCM196200:49:061160
11Ian MarshallAIREM196200:50:301145
12Paul WoodAIREM196200:50:441142
13David McCannMDOCM196300:51:101137
14Joseph MurphySROCM196500:51:221135
15Robert KingAIREM195900:51:491130
16Timothy MartlandLOCM196300:52:051128
17Alex FinchSROCM195900:52:161126
18Andy EllisPFOM196000:54:011106
19Eric BurtonSELOCM195900:54:471098
20Ian TeasdaleWCOCM196000:55:141093
21Michael HoodSELOCM195900:57:001074
22Alan OgdenMDOCM196000:57:501065
23Stephen FellbaumLOCM196000:58:591052
24Ray HumphreysMDOCM195901:01:401023
25Rick HoughtonSROCM196101:01:411023
26Roy McGregorSROCM196601:03:191005
27Edwin paul Van-CalsterMDOCM196101:04:54988
-Tim MallonMDOCM196001:10:00
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