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CompassSport Cup Heat, 17/03/2019

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Blue Women (length: 7.8km, climb: 125m, 22 controls)

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Point calculations
1,049.12 + (160.99 x (4,936.00 - T)) / 1,561.30
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Lucy WalkerDEVONF199400:49:481250
2Sarah RollinsSNF197600:50:351245
3Frida Forshallen SNF199200:58:301196
4Anya CrockerSOCF198500:59:141192
5Christine CurrieSOCF197700:59:451188
6Joanne ShawWIMF198801:02:001175
7Katherine BettSNF199501:03:491163
8Emily Benham KvåleSARUMF198901:05:271153
9Martha PatonSNF199101:07:271141
10Lucy BenhamSARUMF199101:09:421127
11Rebecca EwingWIMF198601:12:011113
12Megan AshtonRNOCF198501:16:361084
13Laura BrightWIMF198201:20:481058
14Annika GreenwoodSOCF197101:23:151043
15Anne TynegateBADOF196101:31:41991
16Polly JacobsSARUMF197701:32:33986
17Trish MonksBKOF197501:36:51959
18Laura WilcoxWSXF196301:43:34917
19Helen Le PageSNF197601:50:00878
20Hazel CutlerSARUMF199801:50:34874
21Jacqui BriggsBKOF196102:04:59785
22Heidi LloydTVOCF197702:25:55655
-Kezia JukesSLOWF198900:57:59
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