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British Sprint Championships - Heats, 30/09/2017

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H5.2 (length: 2.8km, climb: 35m, 13 controls)

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Point calculations
1,050.50 + (126.16 x (1,090.83 - T)) / 250.80
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Peter JonesSNM195600:13:131200
2Gavin CleggWSXM195500:13:271193
3Kevin LomasNOCM195600:13:591177
4Steve InglebyDEEM195300:14:031175
5Neil HarvattHALOM195600:14:121171
6Barry ElkingtonODM195600:14:131170
7Heather FellbaumFVOF196300:14:471153
8Bill HanleySYOM195300:14:481153
9Richard BonnettBAOCM195500:15:271133
10Robert ParkinsonNOCM195700:15:291132
11Alison HardyLEIF196600:15:511121
12Ian ByrneSMOCM195700:16:031115
13Dave BalesBOFM195500:16:061113
14Karen FrenchWIMF196700:16:311101
15Helen ParkinsonNOCF196600:16:501091
16Janet AdamsSYOF196300:17:171078
17Patrick MurphyM195700:17:36
18Paul LangstonHHM195300:17:381067
19Elaine BakerDEEF196700:17:591056
20Maggie HateleyDEEF196300:18:361038
21Simon BrookEBORM195600:18:421035
22Philippa WeirMORF196300:19:251013
23Tracy CraigWCHF196700:20:09991
24Marie Claire ShanklandFVOF196700:20:29981
25Julie ClearyLOKF196400:20:53969
26Peter HornsbyLEIM195300:21:18956
27Katherine PikeWIMF196300:21:41945
28Louise BarrettNORF196600:23:45882
29David RosenSROCM195300:23:47881
30Vivianne LawsonODF196700:25:19835
31David LeFevreDFOKM195700:26:04812
32Elaine ChapelhowSOCF196700:31:09659
-Mikhail GryaznevichTVOCM195400:15:38
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