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CompassSport Cup Heat, 15/03/2020

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07 Short Green (length: 3.6km, climb: 75m, 13 controls)

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Point calculations
895.00 + (132.67 x (3,632.41 - T)) / 1,030.50
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Roger EdwardsLEIM195000:38:301065
2Sue HartleyWAOCF195600:44:011023
3Chris BosleyLEIM194700:45:341011
4Kim EdenNORF195700:46:021007
5Chris ShawHAVOCM194900:47:06999
6Michael BickleWAOCM194800:52:07960
7Noreen IvesWAOCF195300:52:21958
8Lyn WestSOSF195400:53:04953
9John CollyerGOM194500:54:03945
10Kevin GallagherLEIM194900:54:51939
11Debbie CharltonSMOCF196000:55:13936
12Simon FordLEIM194300:56:41925
13John MarriottLEIM194801:00:32895
14Colin ButlerSUFFOCM194901:14:03791
15Felicity ManningLEIF195301:15:41778
16John ShawSMOCM194901:16:57768
17Janet CronkWAOCF195701:17:50761
18Hazel BickleWAOCF195101:18:52753
19Robert TitteringtonLEIM194201:24:12712
20Ann HarrisSMOCF195401:25:51699
21Julia PaulNORF195401:32:31648
22Ernie WilliamsLEIM194201:37:10612
23Maria MarshallWAOCF195201:37:36609
24Rachel ThomasSMOCF195501:41:40577
25Chris PhillipsLEIM194701:43:21564
-John RussellSOSM194101:30:34
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