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Junior Inter Regional Championships Long Distance and October Odyssey, 25/09/2021

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M18 (length: 7.2km, climb: 130m, 29 controls)

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Point calculations
1,235.95 + (76.41 x (4,071.28 - T)) / 968.57
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Jim BaileyBOKM200300:46:521335
2Frank TownleySNM200300:46:531335
3Euan TrynerSYOM200400:49:351322
4Sam GriffinGRAMPM200400:49:461322
5Ben SquireNOCM200400:49:521321
6Joe HuddWCOCM200300:50:241319
7Ewan MusgraveMAROCM200400:50:401317
8Alex WetherillEUOCM200300:53:151305
9Charlie RennieWCOCM200300:54:211300
10Tom PerryDEVONM200400:54:591297
11Joel GoochMAROCM200400:55:061296
12Barney Steventon-BarnesSUFFOCM200400:56:441289
13Emils UmmersSOM200400:57:151286
14Max MobusSYOM200400:57:381284
15Matthew MorrisSYOM200400:59:281276
16Joe SunleyEUOCM200300:59:331275
17James YuleSOM200301:00:141272
18Alex MatthewSROCM200401:00:511269
19Dan EarnshawLVOM200301:02:311261
20William LakeSBOCM200501:02:411260
21Maxime PesentiDFOKM200401:02:421260
22Sam CrawshawSYOM200401:03:401256
23Christopher McClureLVOM200401:07:541236
24Dominic GreenCLOKM200301:08:241233
25Jamie GoddardFVOM200401:09:381228
26William BartramNORM200401:10:321223
27Liam GreenCLOKM200501:16:071197
-Jamie DaleBOKM200302:07:27
-Christopher RavenSWOCM200402:10:58
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