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SOS Baddow Ridge. Colour coded, EAL & SWELL, 19/09/2021

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Blue (length: 5.8km, climb: 160m, 23 controls)

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Point calculations
1,053.94 + (83.12 x (5,288.50 - T)) / 897.01
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Oliver PrinceSOSM200600:56:16
2Peter MartinSAXM194901:05:591177
3Stephen BorrillWAOCM197101:07:421168
4Kevin MachinSOSM196001:08:311163
5John WardNORM196801:09:281158
6Guy LidburyHAVOCM196901:09:311157
7Roger GoodingSOSM197401:14:211131
8David FloatHAVOCM196901:15:421123
9Paul RushmerSMOCM196401:24:471073
10Andrew ElliottSUFFOCM197101:27:381057
11Colin WestSOSM195501:33:421023
12Richard PowellWAOCM197601:34:181020
13Bert ParkSUFFOCM196501:34:251019
14Matt BarberINDM01:34:36
15Martin SellensSOSM195201:34:411018
16Rich KerswellWAOCM196501:36:451006
17Martin WalkerSOSM197301:37:451001
18Dale BennettHAVOCM196401:39:39990
19Roger ParkerNORM195701:40:02988
20Jean-Pierre CarraudSOSM196901:43:26969
21Emma MorumSOSF198701:48:48939
22Mark ThompsonTVOCM195501:49:21936
23Helen HagueWAOCF196901:54:34907
24Maisie Waller-ToyneSOSF200302:09:14825
-Paul ButtBOFM196701:39:45
-Rini HoogkamerNORM195901:41:52
-David LumbySOSM196101:43:45
-David SandersonSOSM196102:04:57
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