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STAG's Scottish Orienteering League 1, 12/03/2023

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Short Blue (length: 4.475km, climb: 170m, 12 controls)

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Point calculations
1,072.49 + (70.91 x (5,257.53 - T)) / 984.97
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Donald PetrieCLYDEM195701:04:161173
2Rona MolloyFVOF196801:08:321155
3Heather HartmanINTF197001:11:001144
4Beccy OsbornFVOF197201:12:441137
5Fran DaleyESOCF197501:14:301129
6Hanne RobertsonESOCF197001:18:321112
7Nikki HowardMORF197401:19:161109
8Jacquie LairdINVOCF197201:25:391081
9Finlay RossESOCM196601:25:571080
10Tara BlackINVOCF197101:28:391068
11Nicola MelvilleFVOF196901:28:501067
12Crawford LindsayESOCM195501:30:041062
13Karen FraserMORF197601:36:451033
14Clare KemsleyBASOCF196501:37:051032
15Morag McLuckieMORF197201:37:581028
16Katherine KirkESOCF196801:38:421025
17David NisbetESOCM195601:43:541002
18Alison MathesonINVOCF197001:46:42990
19Sara JosefssonSTAGF199801:55:06954
20Frances BritainMORF197002:13:06876
21James RobertsonKFOM197802:35:10
-Katherine IvoryINTF197301:21:59
-Stephen BinghamBASOCM195801:53:25
-James CavanaghEUOCM200401:59:35
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