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Junior selection race, 30/08/2020

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W18/20 (length: 2.8km, climb: 150m, 12 controls)

Other courses: M16 | W16 | M18/20

 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Niamh HunterEUOCF200000:35:06
2Eilidh CampbellEUOCF200100:35:33
3Alice WilsonEUOCF200200:35:47
4Rachel DuckworthDVOF200300:37:21
5Rachel BrownEUOCF200300:38:14
6Isobel CoxBASOCF200200:38:49
7Lizzie StansfieldEUOCF200200:38:57
8Ellie BalesPOTOCF200000:40:34
9Pippa CarcasINTF200300:40:46
10Grace MolloyFVOF200000:41:07
11Evie ConwayAIREF200200:42:27
12Katrina McGouganBASOCF200100:43:33
13Mairi EadesINTF200100:43:50
14Rosie SpencerWCOCF200200:45:41
15Caitlin IrvingWCOCF200300:46:35
16Chloë CracknellMAROCF200100:46:53
17Scarlet HeapSOF200300:54:53
18Holly StodgellSTUOCF200301:04:30
19Sarah PedleySOCF200101:06:56
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