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Northern Championships & YHOA SuperLeague (UKOL), 26/02/2023

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 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Maxwell GroomSYOM201000:36:27
2Lawrence HodgsonSYOM200900:37:08
3Pasco ReynoldsSYOM200900:38:03
4Robin IrwinSBOCM200900:39:54
5Marcus PerryBOKM200900:40:09
6William PrestonSYOM200900:41:32
7Monty Bratcher-HowardWIMM200900:43:17
8Calum RobertsonESOCM200900:43:50
9Jamie OsborneLOCM201000:47:34
10Daniel PigottPOTOCM200900:51:17
11Nathan PeelSYOM201000:54:19
12Chun Ho Andre FuWAOCM201000:59:57
13Eoin SimpsonLEIM201001:02:32
14Jonah HearnWCHM200901:03:54
15Freddie GuySYOM201001:08:50
16James MartinCLOKM200901:19:50
-Freddie HoldsworthSYOM200900:59:46
-Fionn O'TooleEBORM200901:20:35
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