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South West Orienteering League, 14/11/2021

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Green (length: 3.92km, climb: 145m, 13 controls)

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Point calculations
944.46 + (80.57 x (4,767.43 - T)) / 1,032.65
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Barry OldsKERNOM195300:55:521055
2Rodney WhiteWIMM197200:59:331038
3Barbara KeenanDEVONF196600:59:571036
4Helen KelseyBOKF195701:03:151020
5Jackie ButtSARUMF196301:04:031017
6Andrew HotchkissDEVONM195901:04:181015
7Jessica WardNGOCF200601:05:23
8Tony HextQOM194801:05:341009
9Stuart RobertsonTAYM196601:07:48999
10Grace FrenchWIMF200701:07:57
11Patrik JagerDEVONM199101:08:02998
12Chris VirgoDEVONM195001:08:40995
13John ChestersDEVONM195101:14:10969
14Ky AizawaDEVONM199201:14:34967
15Amy Lee-JonesBOKF200501:15:31963
16Carol IddlesRAFOF195601:16:31958
17Dawn WilliamsonDEVONF195901:17:38953
18Michelle WardNGOCF197001:22:11932
19Ian BarrettBOKM197301:22:56928
20Nicholas MaxwellDEVONM195301:23:48924
21Rosie WychQOF195501:23:53924
22Jemma DavieDEVONF199001:34:23875
23John TraylerQOM194401:38:08857
24Kim BoswijkDEVONF195901:47:09815
25Ian WhiteheadDVOM195501:47:51812
26Alan KnightDEVONM196101:51:41794
27Vic Haymes INDF197601:55:54
28Mike KiteWIMM194701:59:32757
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