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Moray Mix - incorporating Scottish Orienteering League - Lossie Forest, 24/10/2021

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Short Green (length: 3.9km, climb: 55m, 13 controls)

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Point calculations
896.66 + (103.65 x (3,908.52 - T)) / 652.90
 NameClubGenderYear of BirthTimeEvent Points
1Blair HudsonINVOCM200800:47:221066
2Gill BerrowECKOF195500:49:241047
3Pauline McAdamKFOF195500:51:211028
4Amelia PetrieCLYDEF195600:52:291017
5Neil McLeanGRAMPM194300:53:051012
6Sally LindsayESOCF195600:54:52995
7Rodrigo Lara MolinaEUOCM000000:57:18
8Elizabeth FurnessMORF195500:57:29970
9Dawn GoddardFVOF196700:57:36968
10Ida OikkonenMORF200500:59:19952
11Lynne WalkerBASOCF195301:00:10944
12Judith BellESOCF196901:01:35931
13Sheila StrainELOF194801:01:49928
14Lindsey HensmanFVOF194801:03:53909
15Trish CarmichaelTINTOF194801:03:58908
16Laurie ParmenterMORM196301:04:06907
17Lucie HamplovaESOCF199401:04:56899
18Tim SowoodINVOCM194401:05:17895
19Gerard ThomsonSTAGM195601:06:47881
20Peter LambBASOCM194901:08:28865
21Marion MacCormickBASOCF194401:11:12839
22Les SmithardKFOM195201:12:02831
23Heather SmithardKFOF194901:14:04812
24Foss FosterGRAMPF195101:15:05802
25Dick CarmichaelTINTOM194801:15:19800
26Glenys FergusonSROCF195001:25:11706
27Helen O'DonoghueSOLWAYF196201:26:11696
28Rhona FraserINVOCF195601:27:05688
29Adrienne SowoodINVOCF194401:31:20647
30Valerie SpringettINVOCF194801:35:03612
31Ali ParmenterMORF196501:38:06583
32Donald MacLeodFVOM194101:43:58527
-Anne HicklingESOCF195501:22:40
-Beryl SeamanINVOCF195001:23:00
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